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This plugin allows you to launch your recent JetBrains projects from Krunner.
Additionally it has file watchers implemented, these reload the configuration when new projects get added/removed.

Required Dependencies

sudo apt install cmake extra-cmake-modules build-essential libkf5runner-dev libkf5textwidgets-dev qtdeclarative5-dev gettext

sudo zypper install cmake extra-cmake-modules libQt5Widgets5 libQt5Core5 libqt5-qtlocation-devel ki18n-devel ktextwidgets-devel kservice-devel krunner-devel gettext-tools

sudo dnf install cmake extra-cmake-modules kf5-ki18n-devel kf5-kservice-devel kf5-krunner-devel kf5-ktextwidgets-devel gettext

The easiest way to install is:
curl | bash
Last changelog:

1.3.0 2 months ago

Add option in config dialog to use appname as category in Krunner options.



5 months ago

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1.3.0 2 months ago

Add option in config dialog to use appname as category in Krunner options.

1.2.2 3 months ago

The text of the options can now be customized.

Furthermore extra file paths for the snaps have been added and
an install script which does not require admin privileges has been added.

1.2.1 3 months ago

This plugin now recognizes more applications out of the box (for instance some installed using the AUR).
Additionally the application -> config file mapping can be manually changed in the config dialog and if there are multiple .dektop
files for the same application the options inside of Krunner get only displayed once.

Furthermore the debug output has been changed from a compiler option to a file export in the config dialog.

1.1.2 4 months ago

This plugin is now able to find the recent projects for RC, EAP and Release versions.
Additionally the docs and the config dialog have been improved.

1.1.1 5 months ago

The displayed options are now sorted in the order they were launched.

1.1.0 7 months ago

You can now search for the projects of an app as seen in the last screenshot.
Additionally a LICENSE file has been added and improvements to readability and performance have been made.

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