krunner-switcher 0.1

Krunner Plugins by ration
krunner-switcher allows for fast switching between applications by typing a dot and a part of the application name or title, e.g. ".emacs"
Rating: 4.3
Jun 05 2018

KRunner Translator 1.1.1

Krunner Plugins by Naraku
This is a plugin for Plasma 5 KRunner. It's a translator and it translates text. Please have a look at the README or the github page for a detailed description. Example: fr-en maison this will translate the french word "maison" into english Thanks for your feedback and kudos! Development takes...
Arch (tar.gz) Source-Code
Rating: 7.7
Jan 20 2018

krunner pass 1.3.0

Krunner Plugins by akermu
Integrates krunner with pass (https://www.passwordstore.org). You can use the provided `install.sh` script to build and install the plugin. For archlinux users there is a PKGBUILD in the AUR (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/krunner-pass). Alternatively if you just want to build the plugin: $...
Rating: 6.0
Aug 03 2017

VBox Runner 0.4.1

Krunner Plugins by alvanet
Updated from http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/VBox+Runner?content=107926 to Plasma 5
Rating: 6.5
Mar 21 2016

KRunner Bibliography 0.1

Krunner Plugins by Naraku
### DESCRIPTION ### The goal of this runner is to help scientists writing their papers. It searches your bibliography (title + authors) and displays the found documents as results. At the moment only mendeley.com is supported. So if you do not use mendeley, you do not need this runner! If you...
Rating: 6.0
Aug 28 2015

Timer and Alarm for KRunner 3.0

Krunner Plugins by enchant
Allows to quickly set timers and alarms. Supports multiple timers and alarms. Install: 1. Download krunner-alarmtimer.zip 2. Run: $ plasmapkg --type runner -i krunner-alarmtimer.zip or from git: 1. git clone git@github.com:sirkonst/krunner-timer.git 2. cd krunner-timer/ 3. make install
Rating: 7.5
Feb 20 2015

PidginRunner 0.2

Krunner Plugins by todd1215
PidginRunner is a Krunner plugin for Pidgin. If your familiar with the Kopete contacts runner it works the same. Looks up contacts for Pidgin in KRunner and opens a chat window. Also you can set the status for Pidgin as well.
Rating: 6.0
Jun 27 2014

krunner-vim-sessions 0.1

Krunner Plugins by eriolv
krunner-vim-sessions (available under the LGPL3 license) is a KRunner plugin to handle Vim sessions. For more information browse the online documentation:http://docs.mornie.org/krunner-vim-sessions/
Rating: 6.0
Feb 06 2014

KRunner Synonyms 0.1

Krunner Plugins by Naraku
This runner finds synonyms using google translate. It supports two different syntax: Syntax: =searchterm → This will find synonyms for searchterm. The source language will be automatically detected by google. When a word exists in different languages you can use the following syntax: Syntax:...
Rating: 6.9
Feb 23 2013

fsrunner for KRunner 0.7.5

Krunner Plugins by andersaa
FSRunner is a kde runner, the idea is to give you instant access to any file or directory you need. As a lot of time is spend walking through directories, you should never need to walk through 8 directories to get to a location you already know where is. The homepage at...
Rating: 7.9
Oct 03 2012